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Assignments and Exams

This page includes short descriptions of the course assignments. Links with more detailed descriptions of each assignment will be posted over the course of the semester.

Final Exam

The exam will be in Science Center B on Thursday May 18 at 2:15PM. It will be three hours long. Click Here for your study guide to the final exam, including possible essay questions.

Midterm Exam

The Midterm will be in class on March 23. It will be a one hour exam. There will be no section meetings the week of the exam. Midterm Guide

Short Papers

You will write a short (3-4 page) paper interpreting one of the following events:

King Philip's War (due March 6)

Boston Massacre (due April 10)

Because these papers are based on readings assigned for section in the week they are due, there can be no late papers.

Group assignments

There will be two group assignments. Groups will be arranged in section by your TF

First Assignment: Your group will act as curators for a “virtual exhibit” created on the “Interactive Kitchen” section of the course website and e-mail the results to your TF before section the week of 9 March..

Second Assignment: Your group will complete a photo scavenger hunt and report the results in section the week of 2 May. Click Here for pictures of the items and places you will locate. Click Here for more directions on the assignment. Click Here for a form to use as a guide for what information you should be finding.


Final Project

The Final Project will be due on Tuesday 11 May between 2-5PM in Professor Ulrich's office in Robinson Hall. Please do not begin any final project without first consulting your teaching fellow. Click Here for the Final Paper Assignment


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