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Privacy regulations prevent the posting of student section assignments. By the end of the second week of class, all students should receive an email detailing their section time, location and teaching fellow. If you do not received this information by then, contact Head TF PhilipMead.

A summary of sectioning times, locations, and leaders is posted below:

Thursday 1PM, Sever 307, Philip Mead

Thursday 1PM, 1 Bow Street #330, Noam Maggor

Thursday 2PM, Sever 207, Michelle Morris

Thursday 3PM, Sever 101, Noam Maggor

Thursday 4PM, Sever 105, Noam Maggor

Thursday 4PM, Sever 104, Michelle Morris

Thursday 6PM, CGIS South S-040, Philip Mead

Friday 11AM, Sever 101, Linford Fisher

Monday 3PM, Sever 205, Linford Fisher

Monday 3PM, Sever 105, Laurel Ulrich






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