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Years Image Event Description Keywords
1769   Forefather's Day celebrated by Plymouth's Old Colony Club    
1770 Paul Revere engraves the events in King Street.   Boston Massacre, Attucks
1772   Paul Revere engraves a "portrait" of King Philip   Indian, Philip
1783   Boston establishes annual July 4 oration After the revolution, Independence Day replaced Pope's Day and Boston Massacre orations in public memorials.  
1791   Massachusetts Historical Society founded    
1799   East India Marine Society established in Salem, Massachusetts    
1815   Henry Sargent paints "The Landing of the Fathers"    
1817   Pres. James Monroe consecrates Bunker Hill battle site   revolution, memory
1818   Daniel Wadsworth commissions a portrait of the Charter Oak   charter oak, Connecticut
1818   John Trumbull's painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence displayed at Faneuil Hall   July 4, revolution
1820   Daniel Webster speaks at Plymouth bicentennial    
1821   Essex Institute founded    
1822   Rhode Island Historical Society founded    
1823   New Hampshire Historical Society founded    
1824   Pilgrim Hall museum opened in Plymouth    
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1824   Lafayette feted in America   revolution
1824   Bunker Hill monument begun   revolution
1825   Connecticut Historical Society founded   Connecticut, museums
1829   First performance of "Metamora"   Indian, Philip
1830   Monument erected at Fort Griswold    
1835   George Robert Twelves Hewes feted in Providence and Boston Joseph G. Cole painted his portrait, called "The Centenarian" Independence Day, July 4, revolution
1835   Rhode Island Historical Society collects materials from Indian graves. This is only one example of New England museums accessioning grave goods, bones, and hair from burial sites deliberately or accidentally disturbed. museums, bones, Indians
1836   John Warner Barber , "Historical Collections of Connecticut"    
1836   William Apess. Eulogy on King Philip   Indian, Philip
1836 Eliza Susan Quincy portrays procession at Harvard's 200th Anniversary   Harvard centennial
1837   John Sibley publishes story of Washington Elm   revolution
1837   Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Concord Hymn" sung at the dedication of the North Bridge Battle Monument. "Here once the embattled farmers stood/And fired the shot heard round the world." Revolution
1842 Eleanor Field gives the Rhode Island Historical Society a basket purportedly made during King Philip's War.    
1842   Wadsworth Atheneum opens in Hartford Considered the nation's first public art museum. Connecticut, museum
1845   New England Historic Genealogical Society Founded    
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1847   Sarah Hale, ed. of Godey's begins Thanksgiving campaign For samples of Hale's Thanksgiving editorials, go to "The Godey's Lady's Book" link at the University of Vermont.  
1848   Thompkins Matteson's "Examination of a Witch" exhibited in New York   witch, painting
1851   Horace Bushnell speaks at Litchfield County Centennial   Litchfield, Connecticut, homespun
1856   Charter Oak toppled in a wind storm The romance of the Charter Oak persists even today. charter oak, Connecticut
1858   Winslow Homer illustrates rural New England life. . See "Husking Corn," Harper's Weekly, November 13, 1858, in "Selected Slides: Homer" women's work, homespun
1858   Crispus Attucks Day celebrated at African Meeting House   revolution, Boston Massacre
1860   Matthew Brady photographs Edwin Forrest as "Metamora"   Indian, Philip
1864   U.S. Sanitary Commission sponsors "Colonial Kitchens"    
1866   Peabody Museum founded at Harvard    
1868   Winslow Homer illustrates life in Lowell Mills See "Morning Bell" and "Bell Time" in Selected Slides: Homer. Also see HarpWeek (Hollis e-resources) issues of July 25, 1868 (p. 472) and December 23, 1873 (p. 1116). women's work
1868   Deerfield first exhibits door from "Indian House"   Deerfield massacre, museum
1869   American Museum of Natural History founded in New York    
1869   Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association founded in Deerfield, Massachusetts   museum
1870   Boston Museum of Fine Arts founded    
1870   Metropolitan Museum of Art founded in New York    
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1870   Winslow Homer engraving, "The Dinner Horn"    
1873   Anne Whitney wins competition to create a sculpture of Samuel Adams for the United States Capitol. Later the City of Boston installed a bronze version at Faneuil Hall even though in 1874 a Boston commission rejected her sculpture of Charles Sumner because she was a woman.
1876   Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia    
1879   The Boston Antiquarian Club rescues the Old State House See the Old State House time-line on the Bostonian Society Web site revolution
1879   Children give Longfellow a chair from the "spreading chestnut"   trees
1880   Memorial Hall dedicated in Deerfield A battered door from the so-called "Indian house" was a prominent feature. Deerfield, museum, Indian
1881   Nantucket's Coffin House restored   maritime, museum, summer
1881   Winslow Homer seeks the "old ways" in an English fishing village.   maritime
1885   Boston proposes a statue of Paul Revere Although Cyrus Dallin completed several models, the city failed to raise the money to complete the statue. revolution
1887   Ellen Rounds repairs the "Damm Garrison" In 1915, she donated it to Dover, New Hampshire's new "Woodman Institute." Indian wars, door, museum
1887   Mass. Historical Society protests Boston Massacre monument   revolution
1888   Crispus Attucks Monument dedicated   revolution
1889   Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association presents a historical pageant The historical vignettes included Anne Hutchinson's banishment, the Salem witch trials, and the courtship of Priscilla Alden, among other events. witch, antinomian, Hutchinson, Alden, suffrage
1890   Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Founded    
1890   Alice Baker returns to Deerfield to restore her ancestral home, Frary House.   summer
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1891   Bennington Battle Monument erected Harper's Weekly, August 22, 1891: "It is 308 feet high, being the highest battle monument in this country, and nearly 100 feet higher thant he famous one on Bunker Hill.  
1893   World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago   centennial
1895   Eliza Philbrick creates a "Colonial Gown" for a DAR party in Boston   reproduction
1896   Blue and White Society formed in Deerfield   reproduction
1897   New England Historic Genealogical Society Admits Women    
1897   Boston Society of Arts and Crafts Founded    
1898   Emily Tyson purchases the 1785 Hamilton House, the setting for Sarah Orne Jewett's "The Tory Lover."   summer
1900   Old Gaol opened in York, Maine   museum
1900   Plymouth Blanket Society formed to make "rose blankets"    
1901   Maine Historical Society opens Wadsworth-Longfellow House   museum
1903   Elizabeth C. B. Buel , "The Tale of the Spinning Wheel"    
1904   Wallace Nutting launches a career as a historical entrepreneur Wallace Nutting (1861-1941) attempted to record 'that old life in America, which is rapidly passing away.'  
1904   Henry James visits the supposed House of the Seven Gables. James wrote, "Hawthorne's ladder at Salem, in fine, has now quite gone, and we but tread the air if we attempt to set our critical feet on its steps and its rounds.  
1905 Paul Revere House saved from demolition The house, which was in an immigrant neighborhood, was reinvented as an early colonial dwelling. It is still open to the public. museum
1907   Period rooms opened in Essex Institute   museum
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1908   House of Seven Gables Settlement Association founded   witch, Salem, museum, immigration
1910   Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA) founded    
1915   Statue of Anne Hutchinson erected on Beacon Hill    
1922   Antiques Magazine launched    
1926   John D. Rockefeller funds Colonial Williamburg in Virginia   museum
1928   A New York surgeon founds the Abbe Museum on Mount Desert Island, Maine While summering in Bar Harbor, Dr. Abbe was fascinated by the ancient Native American tools found in nearby shell heaps. As he began collecting these artifacts, he realized the need for safe permanent storage.  
1929   Henry Ford funds Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan   museum
1930   Mystic Seaport maritime museum begins operation    
1931   Grant Wood paints :The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere    
1931   Gladys Tantaquidgeon (1899-2005) founds the Tantaguidgeon Museum at Mohegan.   Mohegan, Indians
1931   Polish Legion of American Veterans chartered. Invoking the memory of Polish officers who fought in the American revolution, they eventually estabished units in New England. immigrant
1935   Yankee magazine founded    
1935   Wells Historical Museum (precurser to Old Sturbridge Village) open Read Jack Larkin and Mark Ashton, "Celebrating 50 Years of History" on the museum Web site.  
1935   Harold Tantaquidge reconstructs a Mohegan village   museum
1942   Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, New York established    
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1942   Touro Synagogue designated a National Historic Site . . . the Georgian influenced building is situated on an angle within the property allowing worshippers standing in prayer before the Holy Ark to face east toward Jerusalem.  
1947   Old Sturbridge Village created   museum
1947   Plimoth Plantation founded   museum
1947   Shelburne Museum established    
1952   Historic Deerfield founded   museum
1958   Strawbery Banke Museum opens in Portsmouth, NH In 1957 Dorothy M. Vaughan, Portsmouth librarian, was invited to address the local Rotary Club. As she later recalled, 'I decided to lay it right on the line, and tell them what Portsmouth was throwing away each time a house was torn down or a piece of furniture was sold out of town.' Almost before she had finished, a committee was created to see what could be done to save Portsmouth's heritage. The result was a radical new combination of urban renewal and historic preservation. The Puddle Dock neighborhood was to be saved as a historic museum.  
1959   Statue of Mary Dyer erected on Beacon Hill    
1972   Harvard dedicates the so-called "Bradstreet Gate" between the Science Center and the Yard. The Bradstreet Gate was controversial because it appeared to by-pass the history of Radcliffe. The passage from Bradstreet's writing engraved on the gate was taken out of context. In the original it described her dismay at the raw condition of the settlement in Boston when she first arrived. Perhaps the first female freshmen in the Yard had similiar anxieties.
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1987   Archaeologists begin excavating historic sites threatened by Boston's Big Dig. Some of the artifacts recovered, including "North America's Oldest Bowling Ball" are on exhibit at the Commonwealth Museum. An interactive website shows the location of the Big Dig in relation to Boston geography as it changed over time.
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1990   Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act   Indian, bones
1997   "National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program" established by the National Park Service.    
1997   Irish Hunger Monument erected in Cambridge   immigration
1998   Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center Opens   Indian
2001   Peabody Museum at Harvard continues to repatriate human remains Check the Harvard website for additional stories on NAGPRA bones Indians
2001   Boston Massacre Memorial included on a new Irish Heritage Trail. What was the justification for doing this?
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2002   Church at Mohegan restored and museum installed.   Indians
2003   Boston Women's Memorial features Phillis Wheatley, Abigail Adams, and Lucy Stone   statue
2004   Memorial Hall Museum launches new website on "The Many Stories of 1704    

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