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Documents for HSB 41

Click on the links below to download documents:

Probates and Inventories

Hannah Barnard Probates. Inventories from the husbands of Hannah Barnard Westcarr and Hannah Barnard Marsh.

Garrison Inventories. Four Probates Associated with the Damm Garrison and its Collections.

1718 Probate. A Probate record from 1718.

1777 Probate. A 1777 probate record.

1831 Probate. The 1831 Probate for the Damm Garrison.

Domestic Manufacture

Domestic Manufacturing. An account of domestic manufacturing. Connecticut Journal (29 January 1768).

Harvard Home Spun. The Harvard senior class decides to wear homespun to graduation. Connecticut Courant (11 January 1768).

Premium on Broadcloth. An article on the provision of a premium on locally made fabric brought to the offices of Edes and Gill, printers of the Boston Gazette. New London Gazettes (11 May 1770).

Horrid Accident. An industrial accident in the mills of Winchendon, MA. "Horrid Accident," Boston Evening Transcript (3 March 1834).

Spinning Meetings and Matches

Spinning Meeting in East Windsor. A spinning meeting in East Windsor, 5 April 1769. Connecticut Courant (17 April 1768).

Lebanon, CT Spinning Match. A spinning match in Lebanon, CT. Connecticut Courant (20 February 1767).

Newport Spinning Meeting. A spinning meeting in Newport, RI. New London Gazette (8 June 1770).

Factory Spinning in Boston. Account of a productive manufacturer in Boston. New London Gazette (29 December 1769).

Factory Spinning in Boston II. A second printing of the account of a productive manufacturer in Boston. Connecticut Courant (1 January 1770).


Factory Girl's Garland. "The Factory Girl's Garland: Devoted to the Interests of the New England Factory Operatives," 1:19 (Exeter, NH, 14 September 1844). Courtesy of Special Collections, Dimond Library, University of New Hampshire.

Dover Labor Broadside. A broadside from the Dover labor movement on liberty, independence, and equal rights, Dover, NH (March 1834). Original in the Woodman Institute, Dover, NH.

First Strike in Dover Account. An account of the first strike in Dover. Mechanics' Free Press (17 January 1829).

Foner, "History of the Labor Movement." A selection on the 19th century mills from Philip S. Foner, "History of the Labor Movement in the United States, Vol. 1: From Colonial Times to the Founding of the American Federation of Labor" (New York: International Publishers, 1947).

Turn-out at Lowell. An account of a strike at Lowell. Boston Evening Transcript (17 February 1834).

Turn-out at Lowell Part II. Follow-up article on the Lowell strike, second article. Boston Evening Transcript (18 February 1834).

Another Turn Out. Account of a strike in Dover, NH. Boston Evening Transcript (6 March 1834).

First Strike. An account of the first strike at Dover, NH written in the late 19th century. "First Strike," New York Times (6 February 1886), 3.


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